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How to Start Coaching on Metafy
How to Start Coaching on Metafy

Turn your gaming into gaining. Cash, we mean.

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It’s Stupid Easy.

With the old Metafy, becoming a paid gaming coach was slow and painful, involving a brutal vetting process that absolutely nobody liked. So we ditched it. Welcome to the new Metafy, the key’s under the mat. It’s literally as easy as:

  1. Make your account.

  2. Sign up for Pro.

Account Setup

Honestly, signing up for Metafy is something you could probably do in your sleep. Anyone who wants to purchase coaching needs to make an account, and literally everyone gets a profile page and access to the feed.

If you’re planning to launch a coaching business, you can get everything in place with a couple of easy tools. Just click your avatar to expand downward and access what you need.

Click Manage Sessions to add a few lessons. From there, hit New Session, and build away. You name your lesson, set the duration, title and description, link it to a game and add a swanky banner, and you’re good to go. Once you’ve got a few lessons set up, you can come back to this menu to edit them.

The Groups Tool

Manage Groups will let you create the hangout of your dreams. Give it a name, description, logo, and cover banner, and sit back and watch the members roll in.

Your Profile

Once you’ve got your Sessions and Groups built, you can add them to your profile. But that’s just the starting point. Your profile is the tool to show off your Metafy to the world, so spend some time polishing it up and adding blocks, a sweet avatar and banner, and a description and achievements that will curl potential students’ toes. And make sure you get those social links in there.

Other Settings

Make sure you check out all the Settings on Metafy, while you’re building. It’s especially important to set up your Availability, and to link a Google account with a calendar, if you’re planning on accepting lesson bookings.


Honestly, at this point you’re good to go. Unless you want to earn money on Metafy. For that, you need to subscribe to Metafy Pro. Once you’re a Pro, you can charge for your Sessions, channels within your Groups, and, once Guides are launched, your articles and videos. And Metafy’s not one of those sites that takes a bite out of your earnings that gets bigger the more you earn. It’s a flat monthly rate.

For more detail on Metafy Pro, check out This Article.

See, easy. See you on the Feed.

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