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What is Metafy Pro?

And why you should be one.

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A New Way to Metafy

In the past, earning money through Metafy meant forking over 15 percent of your earnings, to cover the site’s costs. It was a decent system, but it also meant that the more our coaches earned, the more they had to pay. And that’s no fun.

One Flat Rate

Enter Metafy Pro, a subscription service that costs $29.99 per month. It covers your virtual workspace, including your Metafy page, the Dev Team, the Help Desk, billing and payment, scheduling, and more.

What Can Pros Offer?

Paying the monthly fee allows you to monetize your talents by offering:

  • Coaching sessions

  • Patreon-style subscriptions (via Groups)

  • Selling a la carte Guides in the Marketplace (coming soon)

  • A referral system that earns you 30 percent of any paying Pro you refer to the site.

Sign Up for your Free Trial

It’s as easy as going to See you there, Pro!

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