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For Pros: The Metafy Booking Flow
For Pros: The Metafy Booking Flow

The steps involved when a student books your time.

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Booking Steps

  1. The student will view your profile, then choose to purchase either a single lessons or multiple lessons.

  2. They will complete their payment.

  3. You will be notified of the purchase, and receive payment. Remember that a purchase isn’t the same as a booking, so don’t panic if they haven’t scheduled an appointment yet.

  4. The student will then be able to submit time slots for their purchased lessons, for your approval. They do not need to schedule them right away, but they are given the option to do so. The available hours your student will see for scheduling sessions will be determined based on your general Availability settings, the events on your linked Google Calendar, and your minimum booking notice.

  5. The student will answer any questions you set as required in your Metafy Profile settings.

  6. You will be notified about your pending lessons.

📣 You must accept the booking from your student within 48 hours or it will be automatically canceled. It’s a good practice to accept any and all pending lessons as soon as you get the notification. Most students whose bookings aren’t accepted on the first try will demand a refund.

If you find that you’re missing lesson requests, you can prevent students from booking at the last minute by setting a Minimum Booking Notice in your Availability Settings. That setting establishes exactly how much lead time you need before you can accept a new booking.

Upcoming Session Notifications

Once a lesson is booked, you and your student will be notified via email, Discord, and/or push notifications, depending on your Notification Settings. Students will be notified about upcoming sessions twice as they get closer. You’ll both get notifications via Metafy Chat.

The upcoming lesson will be listed on your Metafy dashboard so you don’t lose track of it. Chat between you and your student will also be opened up at that time, so you can communicate regarding pre-session details, or if you need additional information before moving forward. That line of communication will remain open after your lesson, as well.

Important: Be sure to enable chat notifications, in your account settings. Doing so will activate alerts to your email or Discord (or both!) when you have an unread Metafy Chat message. That setting is located here.

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