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For Pros: Don’t Sleep on Session Summaries
For Pros: Don’t Sleep on Session Summaries

They’ll help your students learn, and make you a better coach.

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All About Session Summaries

Overview: Session summaries are crucial for student improvement and retention. They provide a bridge between lessons, recap what was covered, motivate students, and increase retention rates.

Why Complete Session Summaries?

  • Session summaries create a pathway for ongoing learning and commitment.

  • They recap the lesson, highlight the need for further sessions, and motivate students.

  • Session summaries boost student retention and increase the likelihood of future bookings.

How to Incorporate a Summary into your Session Flow:

  • Prepare a document for notes during the lesson.

  • Share the summary live during the lesson or at the end.

  • Provide the summary to students via document, email, or direct message.

Recommended Session Summary Prompts:

  1. Acknowledge student achievements.

  2. Identify areas for practice and improvement.

  3. Preview the focus of the next session.

  4. Assign specific tasks for the student to complete before the next lesson.

Quick Tips:

  • Break the summary into digestible points.

  • Provide clear practice activities.

  • Encourage students to book their next lesson.

The Bottom Line: Effective session summaries are essential coaching tools that drive student improvement and retention. Avoid shortcuts or non-informative content.

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