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For Pros: How to Contact a Student
For Pros: How to Contact a Student

Opening up channels of communication with your students.

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Start with Metafy Chat.

When a student books a lesson with you, onsite chat between the two of you is unlocked. Your student’s name should be added to your Chat menu on the Metafy site, and you can expand it and click their avatar to text your student.

Navigating away from the chat window will dismiss it, but not delete it. If you'd like to remove a chat conversation from you navigation rail, click the three-dot navigation under the user avatar in the right-hand side of the chat window.

Important: Make sure you have Unread Chat Reminders enabled, in your Settings. You can find the interface in your Settings, under Account: Notifications. This will enable alerts to your Notification methods for when you have an unread Metafy Chat message.

Next, Try Discord.

Linking a Discord account is a required step in the booking flow on Metafy, so your student will have a valid Discord ID. You can find it on your Metafy Dashboard, in your upcoming Live Session listings. It’ll be in the Student Details for that user’s specific booking.

📣 Make sure you’ve added your own Discord ID to your coach profile, just in case your student is trying to reach you.

Still no luck? We can help.

Contact us here at the Help Desk, or post in #support on Metafy Discord. We may be able to contact your student on your behalf and have them get in touch with you.

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