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Pros, You Need a Refund Policy
Pros, You Need a Refund Policy

Feel the power coursing through you.

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Pros, now that you’ve got the power to issue refunds, it’s important to put some thought into what your personal Refund Policy will be.

Metafy’s Refund Policy

Before you start writing your policy, you should familiarize yourself with Metafy’s Terms of Service regarding refunds. In short:

  • Refunds are provided in Metafy wallet credit, which can be used on any coaching purchase.

  • Refunds are only available within 90 days of purchase.

  • Refunds include platform fees.

  • Tips are nonrefundable.

  • Students who are unhappy with their Pro’s refund decision can escalate the matter to Metafy Support, who will work with the student and the Pro to figure out a solution.

  • If a student wants a refund to their payment method (credit card or PayPal):

    • That is also a matter for Support to decide.

    • Such requests can only be made after good-faith efforts to resolve the issue with the Metafy Pro.

What Happens Once Support Is Involved?

If a purchased session has not occurred, it is eligible for a refund by default. By the same logic, any session that our system is tracking as complete is considered nonrefundable, and this notably includes multi-session plans. Once any booking in a plan has been completed, refunds are not offered.

Exceptions are made only if a student provides evidence that the coaching has not taken place, or if a Pro decides to authorize a refund. (In that case, the Pro needs to issue a refund in account credit before Support can proceed with a payment source refund.) By the same logic, a Pro may decide not to refund a missed lesson, if the student is at fault. This is where your own personal Refund Policy will come into play.

How to Write Your Refund Policy

Having a written, established policy in place will save you a lot of time and stress, in the future. So will making your students aware at the time of purchase what your rules are. It also builds trust with your students, as it demonstrates that you’re serious and fair.

Things to Consider

  • Your Cancellation Policy. If a student requests a refund right before the scheduled start time, would you grant it? Consider establishing a timeframe, in hours or days, within which a purchase is no longer refundable, or is only refundable at half the cost.

  • No-shows. If your student doesn’t show up for their lesson, will you still refund them? Other options are offering the student a makeup session, offering a partial refund, or charging them in full for wasting your time.

  • Unsatisfied Students. Consider whether you're willing to offer a refund to a student who didn't achieve their stated goal or whose expectations weren't met. In some instances, a partial refund may be preferable to an unsatisfied student spreading negativity among potential students.

  • Multi-Session Plans. Give some thought to multi-session refunds ahead of time. You will likely be charging less per lesson in a bulk purchase than if you’d sold those sessions individually, so you’ll want to factor that in. You might decide that once any session in a bulk purchase has occurred, none of the remaining sessions are refundable. Or you could calculate the price the student would have paid if the lessons had been purchased individually, and refund any amount over that cost.

  • Incompatibility. There may be instances when you encounter a student who is difficult to teach. It's not necessarily anyone's fault, and offering a refund may not seem logical. However, consider whether it would be beneficial for your mental well-being to provide a refund regardless.

Where to Put Your Policy

The key to a successful Refund Policy is transparency and clarity. It doesn’t need to be complicated or full of legal language—just keep it simple, straightforward, and easy for students to find. The easiest way to surface your Refund Policy on your Metafy page is to add a block that links to something like:

  • A viewable (but not editable) Google Doc,

  • A PDF hosted in a Google Folder or on your website,

  • A post on your Discord server,

  • A blog post,

  • A video where you talk about it (note that you can also upload a video as a profile block), etc.

Example Refund Policy

Refund Policy for [Your Display Name]

I strive to provide the best online gaming coaching experience. Refunds are done on request, in the form of Metafy credit, and will be considered under the following circumstances:

  • Missed Sessions

  • Technical Problems

  • Unsatisfactory Experience

To Request a Refund:

  • Please contact me via Metafy DM or on Discord.

  • I will respond within 48 hours.

  • If I agree to your request, you will receive the refund in Metafy credit at that time.

Nonrefundable Items and Services:

  • Successfully Completed Sessions

  • Digital Materials

  • Tips

Bulk Purchases

Any sessions purchased as part of a multi-session package become nonrefundable once we’ve completed one of the sessions. They are a package, not individual purchases.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel a session, please do so at least 4 hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the session being marked complete, and no refund will be provided.


To open a dispute, contact Metafy Support at

The Metafy Refund Tools

How they Work

Refunds transfer credit from your Metafy balance to your student’s wallet. You can refund an amount up to the amount your student paid.

  • Refunds cannot be canceled, once you’ve submitted them.

  • Refunded credit will appear in the student’s wallet within a few minutes.

  • You can issue a partial refund, up to the full amount paid.

  • If your account balance is insufficient to cover the refund, it will result in a negative balance.

  • You can only refund a session once.

How to Issue a Refund

You can issue refunds through your Metafy Dashboard, through the listing of the session you need to refund.

  • Start in your Pro Studio.

  • Load your Customers tab.

  • Locate the specific session you’d like to refund.

  • Click the Cancel button.

  • Enter the amount of the refund, and click Refund & Cancel.

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