Haven’t heard back?

Once you’ve completed your booking and paid for your lesson or Training Plan, your Metafy Expert needs to accept your booking. Your coach has a 48-hour window in which to accept the booking. You can view the status of upcoming Live Sessions and Training Plans on your Dashboard, and if a booking has been accepted will be in the Coaching list. You will also receive notifications via the channels you select in your Settings.

  • If it’s a Live Session, once the expert has accepted your booking, you can assume everything is good to go.

  • If it’s a Replay Review, keep an eye on the countdown timer. It should give you an idea of how soon your expert will have your annotated video ready.

  • If it’s a Training Plan, your expert needs to accept your booking before you can start scheduling individual lessons. Those also need to be accepted one by one, since you’re submitting individual dates and times.

As part of the booking flow, the ability to chat with your expert on Metafy is unlocked. You’ll receive notifications about your upcoming lessons through the chat, and can also contact your expert directly with questions and concerns.

If you cannot reach your expert via Metafy Chat, you can visit their Metafy profile to find their social links (located just below their avatar). You should be able to easily DM them on Discord, for example.

If you’re still twisting, try checking your expert’s profile and reading their FAQs. Odds are there will be information there with specifics about their session flow.

If your coach doesn’t accept your booking within 48 hours (or by the scheduled session date, if it’s sooner), you will automatically receive a credit that you can use to reschedule with that same coach.

If you’ve tried multiple times to reach an expert and you suspect they might be inactive, let us know. You can leave us a message in Help chat, drop an email to support@metafy.gg, or let us know on Discord.

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