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How Do I Cancel/Reschedule my Lesson?
How Do I Cancel/Reschedule my Lesson?

How to handle cancellations and time conflicts.

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You can reschedule a Metafy lesson through your Metafy Dashboard. Click on the three-dot menu and select Reschedule Session to request a new date and time.

Please note that if the coach doesn’t accept your booking within 48 hours or by its scheduled date, the unit will become redeemable so you can reschedule. If you’d prefer to have a refund, either to your Metafy account or your original payment method, please contact Support.

If your expert has a cancellation policy configured, you may need to pay 50% of the session price if you’re attempting to reschedule within 24 hours of the originally scheduled start time:

If you’ve had to reschedule multiple times because an expert is unresponsive, please contact us. You can leave us a message here in Help chat, drop an email to, or let us know on Discord.

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