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How Do I Book a Coaching Session?
How Do I Book a Coaching Session?

Snapshot of the booking steps, for students.

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Before you can book a Metafy Pro, you will need to make a Metafy account. You will also need to join Discord and sync Discord with your Metafy account. Once that’s done, you can follow a Pro’s Metafy link or use the Metafy home page to browse your game and find a Pro. From there:

  1. You go to your chosen Pro’s profile and click Book a Lesson.

  2. You choose a Training Plan (which is a series of lessons), a Live Session, or a Replay Review.

  3. If you’re booking a Live Session, you can choose a time slot. (You don’t need to schedule your lesson at the time of purchase, if you’d prefer to pick a date and time later.) You Confirm.

  4. If you’re booking a Replay Review, you'll need to submit your gameplay video(s).

  5. You answer any questions the Pro requires. Be as specific as possible so your coach can tailor your lesson to help you meet your goals. You Add this session.

  6. You pick your payment method and enter any details. You Continue. You’ll see a Booking Confirmed screen, and a Go to Session button.

At this point, you’re just waiting for your Pro to accept the booking. Once they confirm, you can sit back, knowing you’re all set. You’ll get reminders about your upcoming lessons through the channels you set up in your profile. (Email, Discord, etc.) You’ll also get notifications through Metafy chat and your Dashboard.

By the way, booking opens up Metafy chat between you and your Pro. So if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact them directly through chat. To start a chat conversation with your coach, go to their profile and click the Chat button.

Important: Be sure to enable chat notifications, in your account settings. Doing so will activate alerts to your email or Discord (or both!) when you have an unread Metafy Chat message. That setting is located here.

Please note that if the coach doesn’t accept your booking within 48 hours or by its scheduled date, the unit will become redeemable so you can reschedule. If you’d prefer to have a refund, either to your Metafy account or your original payment method, please contact Support.

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