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If Your Pro Misses Your Lesson
If Your Pro Misses Your Lesson

What to do when your Metafy Pro doesn’t show up for a confirmed booking.

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If you’ve booked a live coaching session and had your booking accepted, but your Metafy Pro never showed up at the appointed time, you should start by contacting them.

📣 Important Note: The starting point for resolving a missed lesson is always to contact your Pro.

How to Contact Your Pro

Start with Metafy Chat.

As part of the booking flow, you have gained the ability to chat with your coach through Metafy. The icon to access chat is on your Pro’s profile, just under their avatar.

Don't confuse it with the round, yellow chat icon — that’s the live Help Desk.
We’re happy to see you, but we’re not your Pro.

Clicking it will launch a conversation, and your coach’s avatar will appear in your left-hand Chat rail for easy reference. To dismiss chat, click a different menu option. You can remove a chat from your Chat List entirely by clicking the three-dot icon in the right-hand navigation of the chat window and selecting Remove from my Chats.

Important: Be sure to enable chat notifications, in your account settings. Doing so will activate alerts to your email or Discord (or both!) when you have an unread Metafy Chat message. That setting is located here.

Next, try Discord.

If you cannot reach your Pro via site chat, you can visit their Metafy profile to find their social links (located near the top right). Hovering over the Discord icon will give you the option to click it and copy your expert’s Discord ID.

Still no luck? We can help.

Contact us here at the Help Desk, or post on Metafy Discord. We may be able to contact your expert on your behalf and have them get in touch with you.

Your Options


Ideally, you’ll be able to reschedule your lesson once you reach your Pro. Ask them to issue you a promo code, so you can schedule a replacement session through Metafy.

Without a promo code, you’d need to work out the details between the two of you, since the lesson you will be rescheduling has already been paid for. Note that the option to reschedule a lesson only works if they’re rescheduled before they were supposed to start.


If you are unable to reach your Pro, or if your Pro is somehow unable to reschedule your lesson, ask them to give you a refund in the form of credits to your Metafy wallet. If you’re unable to resolve the matter, you can contact Support, but we do require that you speak to your coach first.

📣 Please note that there is a time limit of 30 days on refunds to your payment source. Meaning, if it’s been more than 30 days since your original purchase, we cannot issue a cash refund.

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