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Metafy Feed Rules

It's a gamer free-for-all! Mostly.

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The Metafy Feed is a platform where users can share updates about the games they play, connect with Experts and fellow gamers, and engage in discussions. Please familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines, as they are essential for creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all members.

Be Kind

Respect and civility are paramount: hate speech, harassment, threats, and sharing personal information are strictly prohibited and may result in immediate bans.

Quality, Relevance, and Originality Standards

All posts should relate to gaming or gaming culture. Check for similar content before posting to avoid creating duplicates. Repetitive, low-effort, or low-quality posts may be removed at moderator discretion.

Explicit Content

No explicit or violent content, including gore, pornography, and animal cruelty.

Misinformation & Sensationalist Content

Refrain from posting misinformation, clickbait, and sensationalist content. Impersonating users or public figures with the intent to mislead others is not allowed.

Self-Promotion & Engagement Farming

Posts intended solely for soliciting follows, comments, reactions, or engagement for self-promotion or XP farming are not allowed. Personal promotion and advertising must be limited to your Profile Feed. Refrain from using affiliate links, URL shorteners, promoting cryptocurrencies, posting job listings, or requesting free items.

  1. Metafy Promotion: If you're a Metafy Expert, feel free to plug your Metafy sessions, articles, and videos on a game’s community feed. However, this allowance may change as the feed evolves and discoverability improves.

  2. Limitation on Links: Metafy Experts are requested to limit links to Discord channels and other forms of personal promotion, other than Metafy sessions, to their own profile and/or profile feed.

  3. Restrictions for Non-Experts: Users who are not verified Metafy Experts are not permitted to promote coaching or similar services, whether paid or free.

Direct Message or Booking Spam

In addition to spam posts on the feed, users are also not permitted to send nuisance messages or submit redundant free consultation bookings.

Unethical Gaming Practices

Engaging in the sharing, facilitation, or promotion of piracy, hacking, cheating, or advocating the circumvention of terms of service is forbidden and will lead to an immediate ban.

Rule Adherence, Feedback, and Disputes

Constructive feedback is welcomed in our Discord server. Disputes regarding post removals or account bans should also be addressed there. Any attempt to circumvent moderator actions on your account will lead to additional measures taken against it.

TL;DR: Be cool, don’t spam, and don’t scam.

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