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Social Media Tips: Facebook

How to connect with potential students on Facebook.

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Facebook is an absolute juggernaut and remains the most popular social media site on the planet. Odds are you’ve already got an account there for keeping up with relatives.

Tips for Building Your Brand and Attracting Students

  • Update Your Profile.
    There are a few steps you can take to update your Facebook page to identify yourself as a Metafy Expert. You can:

    • Edit your 101-character intro with the About field

    • Add your Metafy to your Website and Social Links

    • Add your Metafy activities to your Work and Education list

  • Group Up.
    Because most games have Facebook pages, there are a ton of player groups on Facebook. For a lot of gamers, those groups are literally the only reason they visit the site. So joining those groups and following those pages is a good way to get on their radar.

    • Remember to be active. You’re invisible if you don't react and reply.

    • Be on the lookout for players expressing frustration about the game. Odds are, they could use some instruction.

    • Don’t be afraid to offer advice and answer questions. Doing so will make it clear that you’re an authority.

  • Check Your Messages.
    If you get a message from a person on Facebook who isn’t your friend, you might never see it. To check for messages from unknown senders:

    • Load Facebook in your browser.

    • Click the Messenger icon, using the icon on the left-hand side of the page.

    • Click the ... menu.

    • Select Message Requests.

  • Follow Metafy on Facebook.
    Some of the people who engage with Metafy are there because they need an expert. Feel free to jump in and reply, and of course share if you want your page to lean more toward gaming and memes. To see Metafy’s posts in your feed:

    • Go to Metafy’s Facebook page and click ... to pull up the actions menu.

    • Select Follow Settings.

    • From this menu you can make Metafy one of your Favorites, and even get notifications for our posts.

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