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Metafy Feeds FAQ

Everything you never wanted to know about Feeds.

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  • What’s my Feed?

    • Your Metafy Feed is the rolling conversation on your Dashboard, where Metafy Students and Experts can post and interact. You can post, like, follow, and comment on what you see.

  • How do I follow someone?

    • You can follow someone in two ways:

      • Go to their profile and click the Follow button.

      • Click Follow directly on your Feed, next to their name.

    • Both options will allow you to unfollow at any time if you wish to do so.

  • What should I post about?

    • Anything goes!

      • Share your gaming moments,

      • Spill the tea on the latest drama, or

      • Chronicle the thrilling saga of your pet hamster’s attempt to conquer the digital realm.

    • You get the idea.

  • What kind of media can I post?

    • Text,

    • Images,

    • Links, and

    • Embedded rich media (say, from Spotify or Reddit. We are working on more types like GIFs, videos, and emojis).

  • Who can see, react, and reply to my posts?

    • Anyone who views the Metafy home page can read the Feed.

    • Posting, reacting, and replying requires an account.

  • Can I make a post visible to certain people only?

    • Not for now, but you can message someone directly if you don’t want the conversation public.

  • Is there an easy way for me to view/access my own posts?

    • Not yet, but there will be with Feeds 1.1.
      🎉 Coming Soon!

  • Does the Feed update automatically?

    • For now you’ll need to hard-refresh. However, there is an ‘X New Posts’ count at the top of the Feed on its way with Feeds 1.1.
      🎉 Coming Soon!

  • Can I see my followers (or who I am following)?

    • Sure, head over to Following (under your avatar) to see who you’re following, your followers, and who you have muted.

  • Is there an algorithm that determines the order of my Feed?

    • For now we’re keeping it simple: All posts are shown in chronological order and will be in one main Feed (called Global).

    • If you follow a person or a game/community you will also see posts in the Following Feed.
      📣 Note: A comment bumps the whole post to the top of the Feed.

    • 🎉 Coming Soon: More categories, such as Profile Feeds and Community Feeds.

  • Can I block someone?

    • You can mute a user.

      • Click on one of their posts,

      • Click the 3 dots to the right of their post,

      • Click Mute, and

      • Confirm.

    • Unmute someone on your Following page. Blocking is not a feature yet.

  • How do I report a post?

    • Cick the 3 little dots at the top right of a post and click Report.

      • Reporting a post will give 4 options:

        • Inappropriate or offensive,

        • Spam,

        • Just didn’t like it, or

        • Something else.

      • Your report will be submitted to the Moderators for review.

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