Social Media Tips: Reddit

How to connect with potential students on Reddit.

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Reddit is a high-traffic site for gamers, and because of its long-form format is the home of deep, detailed conversations.

Tips for Building Your Brand and Attracting Students

  • Lurk.
    Because of its staying power and engaged participants, you’ll want to take the time to learn each Subreddit’s community rules and culture before jumping in. You will likely find that participants are a tight-knit group, and jumping in with coaching plugs and spammy comments will make a terrible first impression.

  • Plug Your Metafy (in the Right Place).
    Many gaming Subreddits have a pinned megathread where you are permitted to advertise yourself as a coach, so make sure to comment there.

    • Reddit offers formatting options such as links and bulleted lists, so there are ways to make your post stand out.

    • Remember that your recent posts will show in your user profile, so if you refrain from making additional posts and instead participate by upvoting, your promotional post will be the first thing that visitors see when they view your profile.

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