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Metafy Profiles

Time to get your Metafy in order.

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Your profile is the first thing every potential student sees. It’s kind of like your face on Metafy (Not to be confused with your flesh face, which is much harder to edit. And why would you? It’s perfect.)

This is your primary marketing tool, especially for catching new students who are looking for an instructor and may not know who you are. Take some time to polish your profile. Highlight your strengths and accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to brag here! More detail will make you more approachable to both new and veteran players.

Check out this video from Josh himself, explaining how Profile blocks work:

⇩Here's a nifty diagram to show you the dimensions of the blocks⇩

If you’re having trouble with writing your accomplishments, bio, or summary, we are available to help edit and finesse your text. Ask on Discord, in Metafy’s Expert Lounge.

🚨 Please note: We've updated profiles a few times since we wrote this article, so it's probably super out of date.

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