Linking Metafy and Discord will give your Metafy expert a second way to reach you, if they’re unable to contact you via Metafy chat. And your expert may use Discord as the portal for conducting your session, since it offers both audio and video chat in addition to one-on-one and channeled texting.

And just as importantly, it gives you access to the Metafy Discord, where

you can interact with experts and Metafy staff and gain a first-person view of the Metafy development process. You can also set up site notifications — such as reminders about upcoming sessions — through Discord.

Honestly, if you’re a gamer you’re probably already there. To sync Discord with your Metafy profile:

  • Find the Discord icon, and click Connect.

  • A confirmation window will pop up.

  • If you are signed into Discord, Metafy will ask you to authorize us to access your Discord username, avatar, and email address.

  • If you are not signed in, you will need to enter your Discord username, including the four-digit number. To find your username, go to Discord, sign in, and hover over your avatar, then select “Click to copy username.”

  • Authorize away.

Metafy’s Discord link is

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