How to Upload Videos for Replay Reviews

Using the Metafy Media Library

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You can upload gameplay videos to Metafy at any time, then submit them separately or in groups to your Metafy expert for Replay Reviews.

📣 Most video file formats are supported by Metafy’s Review Editor, so you can upload files in formats such as MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI, and so on. If you’re having trouble, you might try uploading your video to YouTube and using the YouTube link to add it to your Metafy.

If you can’t upload to YouTube, odds are your file isn’t a video file, but rather a game-specific save file that can only be read by the game itself. For those file types, you can record them using screen recording software to create a video-format file.

To upload videos:

  1. Navigate to your Library.

  2. Click the Upload Video button.

  3. Locate your clip:

    • If it’s on your hard drive, you can either navigate to its location or drag and drop.

    • If it's on YouTube, you can paste the URL.

    • If it's on Twitch, you can either save it to your hard drive or transfer it to YouTube, then paste the URL.

  4. Be sure to associate your clip with a game, and include a Match Count (the number of matches in your clip). You can also give it a title and add tags.

    • Please note that you can edit these from within the Media Library, if you need to.

  5. Add any additional videos using the Choose files button.

  6. Click Upload [Number] Replay[s].

Once your videos are uploaded, you can access them and add comments, combine clips, and directly book an expert from within the video interface.

If you are experiencing video upload issues, there is some advice in this article.

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