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All of our social media things.

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Looking for some social media links?

Metafy is building our website in plain sight on Discord, so you can hover over all our conversations any time you like. You’ll need to connect your Discord ID to your Metafy account anyway, to make it easier for coaches to reach you, so you may as well drop in on us while you’re at it. Our Discord’s at

We’re also on Twitter, doing giveaways, making site announcements, and generally being a delight. Follow us at @TryMetafy.

Want to like us on Facebook? Hop to

If you’re more into Instagram, catch us in all our dank glory at @TryMetafy.

Looking for videos? You want Metafy on YouTube.

On the TikToks, we’re TryMetafy.

And if you’re a grownup who wants to do business things (like wear ties and organize filing cabinets, we’re just spitballing here), here’s the link to Metafy on LinkedIn.

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