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How to gain followers and new students on social media sites.

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When gamers need help, they turn to social media, gaming communities, and people they already know and trust. It goes without saying that they’re not likely to be persuaded by overt sales pitches. So the best way to reach gamers is to find online communities that focus on your game and become a trusted, active participant. That way, when the topic of training comes up you’ll be there as a natural part of the conversation.

Tips for Gaining Social Media Followers

  • Engage.
    Being active is absolutely critical if you want to establish yourself on any social media platform. You may be tempted to make accounts on multiple platforms, but claiming the name and walking away isn’t enough. It can even hurt your brand by making you look unavailable, inactive, and unresponsive. It’s better to pick two or three sites and be active.

  • Reply.
    One of the reasons people follow you on social media is to have the chance to directly interact with you, so be absolutely fastidious about replying — or at least reacting — to people who respond to your content. Be generous with likes, replies, and shares.

  • Be an Expert.
    Make it your goal to become as much of an authority on your game as you are on its gameplay. Information travels very quickly, and you should be aware not only of news and updates, but also trending discussion topics and memes. That means following hashtags and accounts that are prominent in your game, your league, and gaming in general.

    • Participate in conversations about your game whenever possible, even if it’s just to react or share.

    • Set up some Google alerts, so you’ll get inbox notifications when sites post articles about your game and about gaming in general. News stories, reviews, and even opinion pieces are great fodder for sharing on social media.

  • Cross-share Your Links.
    If you’re focusing on Twitch and Twitter, for example, add your Twitter account link to your Twitch profile and vice-versa. If you’re streaming content or having a giveaway on one platform, link to it on all of your other social outlets.

  • Polish Your Profile.
    Use a consistent avatar and username from site to site, so people will recognize you, and make your profile look complete and professional. It’s not just the specific information on your profile that will attract followers, it’s also the overall attention to detail. The impression you make with your social profile will go a long way toward convincing people you’re serious.

Tips for Turning Followers into Students

It’s not enough to have followers — although it’s a solid starting point. You need to turn those followers into ongoing customers for your coaching business. You’ll gain followers based on your reputation as a gamer, and by being entertaining, interesting, and authoritative about your game. But to close the deal, you need to identify yourself as a Metafy Expert and make it easy for people to book a lesson with you.

Your Bio Is Everything.

Take the time to create a brief writeup that you can use in the About Me or Bio section of all your social media accounts. You can use your Metafy profile as a starting point, but remember to keep it as short as possible. Not only do most sites have a character limit, social media users expect blocks of text to be brief and to the point.

You should specifically mention:

  • Instruction

  • The name of your game(s)

  • Your Metafy URL (

Use the remaining space to add:

  • Your strongest qualifications

  • Your gaming achievements

  • The fact that you’re available, with motivating language like, “currently accepting new students.”

It’s critically important to include your Metafy link.
Because social media profiles are so brief, you won’t be able to incorporate much detail. Your Metafy profile will. It highlights your key achievements, contains your full-length pitch, and directs students to the packages you offer.

  • Examples of Social Media Bio Text:

    • Currently taking coaching appointments for Fortnite. I’m a four-time national champion, and can be booked at DMs open.

    • Top-ranked Hearthstone player and instructor. Currently accepting new students. Metafy:

    • M:TG Top 10 Player | Coach since 2017 | Openings available |

    • Tired of wiping in League of Legends? I can help. Metafy:

Train Followers to Think of You as an Expert Instructor.

  • Introduce Yourself.
    Many communities have an introductory thread or channel that’s specifically tailored toward welcoming new participants. They’re the perfect opportunity to tell people you’re a coach and are accepting new students. Even if there isn’t a specific welcome protocol, there’s a window of opportunity when you’re new to a site when participants will be open to posts explaining who you are and why you’re there.

  • Post about Coaching.
    Be on the lookout for opportunities to remind people about your instructional activities. Whenever you reach a milestone on Metafy or as a gamer, post about it. Did one of your students do well? Make some noise about it.

  • Be the Expert.
    Offer advice, whenever you see a conversation about gameplay. You’re an authority on your game, and giving advice will help cement that in potential students’ minds. You might be hesitant to give your expertise away for free, but consider this: A sentence or two on a social media site likely won’t be all the help a person needs, but it will open the door to inviting them to go into more depth with a hands-on lesson.

  • Be Easy to Reach.
    And that includes making sure your messages are open to all senders. Privacy settings vary from site to site, but tend to default to preventing strangers from contacting you. Not only should your direct messages be open, but you should let people know that they are, whenever possible.

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