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Settings: About

The About section of your Profile.

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About settings add to your Metafy profile, so you can showcase your qualifications and experience. Because this will serve as your coaching resume, you’ll want to spend some time making it look good.

Profile Picture

If you’re on social media, you’ve got one. This picture will feature strongly on your profile, and be used in all your Feed posts. You can use one of the Metafy default avatars, of course, but you’d be missing an opportunity to brand yourself.

Cover Image

This image is displayed at the top of your profile. It makes your coach profile look more professional and visually appealing.

  • Consider picking an image related to one of the games you coach.

  • If you’re stuck, just find some desktop wallpaper and use that.

Personal Info

Email Address

Use on that you check often, because you’ll get Metafy notifications there.

Display Name

This is the name that identifies you on your profile. It's not the same as your URL, which comes next.


Your URL is the basis for your Metafy profile link. It’s a good idea to keep this short to make it easier to share your URL and for your students to type it in. Once it’s there, both and will work as lead-ins to your URL, for sharing purposes.


This is your title, which is displayed right below your name. There is a limit of 40 characters for titles, so try to be succinct.

  • It is most direct to incorporate the name of your main game(s) (e.g., “Fortnite Coach,” or “Pokemon World Champion”).


This is the description that people can read on your Metafy profile. This is where you can elaborate on the highlights mentioned in your summary.

  • Consider using first-person, and briefly highlight your instructional experience, your gaming experience, and your overall approach to coaching.

  • Lead with the most important details, since only the first 190 characters will be displayed when a student loads your profile. The rest is hidden behind a “read more” button and must be clicked to be seen.

    • Open with your most important qualifications and/or achievements.

    • If you are an experienced instructor, don't forget to highlight your accomplishments as a coach, as well as a player.

Country of Residence

It’s important to enter this accurately for tax purposes, and so the site works properly for where you’re locateed.

Language and Region

This is where you can enter your time zone and any languages spoken. Time zone is critically important both for coaches and students, so you can get sessions scheduled properly.

Profile Page

This link will get you started in customizing your Metafy profile page. You’re going to have a blast with that.

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