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Can I use Metafy without making an account?
Can I use Metafy without making an account?

What you can and can’t do without an account.

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In order to participate as a student or expert at Metafy, you’ll need to make a site account. You don’t need an account to browse the site and familiarize yourself with its features, browse our experts, games, and collections, and such. But signing on unlocks a ton of Metafy features, for when you’re ready to participate.

  • As a student, you use your account to chat one-on-one with your coach, to receive notifications, to set up your payment method, and to sync with other sites (like Twitch) and unlock discounts.

  • As a Metafy Partner, making an account enables you to build your Metafy profile, and unlocks the tools you’ll need to build your coaching business.

If you need a hand setting up your Metafy account, check out this article.

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