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Setting up your Metafy account.

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Your Account Settings set up key functionality for taking lessons on Metafy. You access them by clicking your Profile Picture in the upper right, then selecting the gear icon. Here’s an overview of the sections.

Profile Picture

Here you can upload a profile picture or choose one of our default avatars.

Personal Info

This is where you enter your real name, your username, and your email address.

Language and Region

This is where you will set your time zone and the languages you speak. This is used to help synchronize your calendar with potential coaches.

This is where you change your password. It needs to be at least six characters long.

This is where you can save credit cards and link your PayPal account for making purchases (and, if you’re one of our experts, receive payments) on Metafy.

The accounts you connect in this section can be used as alternate login methods. In addition:

  • Connecting your Twitch enables you to take advantage of discounts that coaches offer to their Twitch followers.

  • Connecting your Discord is necessary for receiving Metafy notifications on Discord. It’s also a required step before you can book a live coaching session.

Here’s where you set which specific notifications you’d like to receive, and where you'd like to receive them. Be sure to expand each category to view all the available options, by clicking the arrow to the right of each category.

  • Categories of Notifications:

    • Live Session

    • Training Plan

    • Replay Review

    • Unread Chat Reminders

    • Session Summary

    • Video Testimonial

  • Ways of receiving Notifications:

    • Push Notification

    • Email

    • Discord

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