How to Make a Discord Account

Step-by-step signup instructions for Discord.

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Metafy recommends that you make a Discord account, to give coaches and students an additional avenue of communication. Joining Discord will also give you direct access to the Metafy staff and community, and it opens up another channel for Metafy notifications.

How to make a Discord account:

  1. Click Open Discord in your browser.

  2. Pick a username and click the arrow.

  3. Complete the Captcha.

  4. A popup will appear and give you the option to create a new server. Click Skip.

  5. Enter your email address and pick a password. Click Claim Account.

  6. A popup will appear with a download link for the Discord desktop application. Discord works in your browser, as a desktop app, and in mobile apps.

  7. Check your email for a confirmation email. It’ll contain a link that will verify your email and complete the account creation process.

  8. Join Metafy’s Discord server at

For instructions on connecting Discord to your Metafy, see: Syncing Metafy and Discord.

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