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Need a Refund?

Start with your Pro.

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The vast majority of users who reach out to the Metafy Help Desk are looking for a refund. But there’s a better way! Metafy Pros have the tools at their fingertips to cancel your purchase, issue you a refund, or both.

In fact, Metafy Support requires that you ask your Pro for a refund first, before we can help you out. If after 48 hours you don’t have a response from your Pro, Support can step in.

For more information on Metafy’s Refund Policy, refer to this article.

📣 Note: Metafy Pro refunds are in the form of credit in your Metafy Wallet. If you would prefer to have a refund to your payment method, please contact Support, once you have received your refund from your Pro.

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