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Introducing Pro Studio
Introducing Pro Studio

Your very own Customer Management System.

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Need a Studio? Yes, Yes You Do.

Metafy Pro helps you get closer than ever to the heart of your business: your customers. But the larger you get, the easier it is to lose track of all the important details. Enter Pro Studio, your ultimate command center and business dashboard. You can see your sales, referrals, and even an all-time list of your paying customers.

To find your Studio, tap your avatar and then hit the Pro Studio button. Now sit back and take in your wallet balance, monthly earnings, all-time revenue, and very soon, some sweet-ass charts. And thats before you dive into the tabs.

The Tabs

Take the Customers tab. That’s where you’ll find a list of all the users who have supported your Pro account. From their initial interaction to their latest purchase, you’ll see just how their journey started with you, giving you the tools to continue fostering those relationships.

Additionally, you’ll find tabs to keep track of your Referrals and Sessions, along with user-specific data such as time zone. And there's more in the works. 👀

With Pro Studio, you’re not just peering into the past; you’ll also find the tools you need right now, and the ones you’ll need to conquer the future. Tracking your referrals and monitoring your sessions and customers are just the beginning. Your Studio is the key to unlocking new opportunities for growth and connection. And it’s nowhere near complete.

Stay tuned for even more tools and features, as Pro Studio continues to evolve and empower your business.

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