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The Metafy Referral Program
The Metafy Referral Program

Stacks on stacks.

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Once you subscribe to Metafy Pro, you’re eligible to participate in the new and improved Metafy Referral Program. That means that any time a Metafy user signs up for Pro using your Referral Link, you benefit.

How It Works

As a Pro, you’ve been assigned your own unique URL to share, located in the Referrals tab in your Pro Studio. Easy peasy. Any Pros who sign up using your link will be attributed to you. You can refer as many people as you’d like, as long as they aren’t already a Pro (and no, you can’t refer yourself!).

📣 For every new person you refer who subscribes to Metafy Pro, you’ll receive 30 percent of the recurring revenue from that subscription (as long as they stay subscribed).

You will need to be an active Pro Subscriber to collect Referral commission, meaning, if your subscription lapses, you’ll lose that Referral.

How to Keep Track

You’ll find your Referral earnings in the Pro Studio (<- insert link to PRO studio here)

Using Metafy’s fancy Referral Tracking Tool, [or whatever we call it] you will see:

  • How many Pros you have referred who now have paid subscriptions

  • How many Pros you’ve referred who are on free trials

  • The month/year the referred Pro started their subscription

  • How much your next payout is scheduled to be

  • How much commission you’ve earned in the last 30 days

  • Your overall lifetime earnings

There’s really no downside. Experts you know get to enjoy those sweet, sweet Pro benefits, and you get a little extra dosh every month. Win/win.

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