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How Do I Cancel my Membership?

We kinda hope you don’t.

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Metafy Memberships

If you signed up for Metafy Membership through the Metafy website, you can manage your Membership through your Settings, on your account page. Locate your profile picture in the upper right corner, click it to expand the drop-down, and select Settings. This will expand a menu on the left-hand side, and from that menu you can select Membership and Subscriptions. This panel is where you can modify your settings, including the Partner you’d like to support, and cancel your Membership.

GamerzClass Memberships

If your Membership was originally in the form of a GamerzClass subscription and was merged into Metafy, you’ll need to ask the Support Team to cancel your Membership for you. We’re happy to do so. Just reach out in onsite Help Chat, or open up a Support ticket on Metafy Discord.

If you’re a GamerzClass Subscriber who would like to enable the Membership and Subscriptions control panel, you’ll also need to have us cancel your current subscription. Once that’s done, you can sign back up through Metafy and those options will appear.

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