How to Use the Review Editor

Combining and editing your replay videos for review.

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Before You Submit Your Replays

You can upload videos at any time to your Library. To submit them for review, go to the Library's Uploads section and select a video and click Create Draft. Once your video is in a draft state you can add more clips, annotate it with comments, and mark it up with the Review Editor's drawing tools. Drafts will appear in the Drafts tab.

  • You can also edit the Title / Game / Match Count / Tags.

  • When you combine clips, the progress bar will reflect a different color for each clip, but the overall timeline applies to the combined duration of all the clips.

  • To add comments, simply start typing or click a drawing tool. The video will automatically pause and your comment will be timestamped with the video frame you’re looking at.

  • If you're unable to edit your draft, it may be because it's got an expert attached to it already. Go to the Replay Info tab, remove the expert, and you should be able to edit your draft.

If you submit your video, and then realize you need to edit it, contact your expert and ask them to cancel your review. It will revert to a draft state where you can edit it, then you can resubmit it to that expert.

After Your Expert Completes Your Review

  • Once your coach has completed commenting and providing feedback on your replay(s), you will receive a notification.

  • As soon as you do, you will have a two-day window when you can reply to your expert’s comments with any questions. During that same timeframe, your expert can respond to your comments.

    • To reply to a comment, click it and start typing.

  • Once the two-day period has concluded, the Replay Review will automatically move into its Final state and be locked, preventing further replies.

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