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For Pros: How Payment Works
For Pros: How Payment Works

Transferring your earnings to your PayPal

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The money you earn on Metafy is added to your account at the time of purchase. We do not recommend withdrawing payment for a purchased session until after the booking is complete, because you may need to refund it.

Metafy transfers earnings to coaches via PayPal, which is why linking Metafy and PayPal is a required step in setting up your Metafy Profile. You will find your earnings in your Metafy wallet, and it’s up to you to request that they be transferred.

📣 If you would like payments to be delivered via another means, contact us at the Help Desk or through Discord and let us know. We have alternate payment methods for experts who live in countries without PayPal.

To request payment:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard.

  • Click your avatar in the upper right, and click Go to Wallet under Current Balance.

  • Click Withdraw, under Available Balance. The Request Payout box will pop up.

  • From there you can request the amount you would like to transfer to your PayPal.

  • It should be submitted to the Metafy Team automatically.

  • The team processes payments three times a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

  • If there is a problem, reach out to us via the Help Desk or a Support Ticket on our Discord. We can manually process payments as needed.

Please note that since your Metafy is a business, PayPal will withhold applicable fees.

If Your Account Goes into the Red

It is possible for your Metafy account to reflect a negative balance. because of students requesting a refund after you’ve withdrawn the corresponding payment. In this case, you have a couple of options:

  • You can add funds to your Metafy wallet to cover the balance, and zero it out.

  • Your future earnings can accumulate until they pay off the debt.

Once the debt is cleared, your account flow will resume as usual.

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