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Social Media Tips: Discord

How to connect with potential students on Discord.

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A lot of gamers use Discord as their primary hub for communication. Makes sense — it has text, audio, and video support for both one-on-one and group chats. Gaming companies, esports leagues, and player groups all build Discord communities. It’s also your main tool for interacting with the Metafy team, and connecting Discord to your Metafy is a required step in setting up your account.

Tips for Optimizing Discord

  • Friend Up Your Students.
    It’s a good idea to add your students as friends on Discord just in case you are unable to reach them via Metafy chat. Even if they don’t accept the request, they’ll be easy to find through the Pending list.

    • You can find your students’ Discord ID on your Dashboard, once they’ve booked a lesson or training plan.

  • Open Up those DMs.
    Make sure your settings (and those of your students) aren’t preventing you from receiving friend requests or messages.

    • On Discord, click the (downward caret) next to the server name.

    • Click Privacy Settings.

    • Turn on Allow direct messages from server members.

    • For additional help with Discord’s privacy settings, go here.

  • Use Your Status to Plug Your Metafy.
    To add your Metafy link under your name on Discord, you can set a custom status.

    • Click on your Discord profile picture and select Set a Custom Status.

    • Type in your Metafy link ( and pick an emoji (for example, the :videogame: icon, which looks like a controller).

    • Select Don’t Clear in the Clear After dropdown.

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