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Settings: Achievements

The Achievements section of your Metafy Profile.

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The Achievement section is where you list your tournament wins and other high-ranking gaming activities. Although you will likely mention many of these in your bio, you should still list them here so they’re highlighted on your Metafy profile.

Really put some thought into what your most impressive achievements are in both gaming and coaching, as this is one of your primary marketing tools to set yourself apart from other experts. When you add a new achievement, you can preview how it will look when it is displayed on your profile.

  • Use the Tournament achievement type to list your tournament finishes. You will need to fill in the tournament’s name, year, and your placement.

  • Use the Season achievement type to list your placement in your game’s ranked mode. You will need to fill in the season’s year and a description of your achievement. For example: “Finished diamond rank in season 10.”

  • Use the General category for any other achievement types. Consider listing coaching milestones as general achievements.

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