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Building Your Metafy Page
Building Your Metafy Page

The building blocks are literal blocks.

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Why It Matters

Whether you’re a student or a Pro, your Metafy profile page is the absolute nexus for showing the gaming community who you are and how you play. It’s worth taking the time to make it fresh, original, and functional. And that goes double, if you’re a coach or creator. It’s your storefront, your news feed, and your billboard.

Where to Start

When you join Metafy, you will be prompted to create a profile page very early on. To work on it at any time, either visit your profile through your link ( or by clicking your avatar on Metafy and selecting Profile. From there, the big yellow Edit Profile button will open up the ability to add and remove profile elements. Remember to save, when you’re done. There are also some interfaces on the site (such as your Groups tool) that put you into profile editing mode automatically.

Your Metafy Profile Page is made up of a series of boxes. You’ll see them as dark gray on black, when you are in edit mode, but they’re invisible otherwise. Those squares are essentially widgets that can be filled in a variety of ways, and modified to be square or rectangular. The following diagram shows the available shapes, and the recommended dimensions of graphics to upload into those shapes.

The profile blocks are incredibly versatile, and can be used to display your Metafy Sessions, Groups, and Achievements, along with whatever images, GIFs, links, quotes, or videos you’d like to put on your profile. Additionally you can add blocks dedicated to a number of social media sites. Although you can configure your profile to display icons corresponding to all your socials at the top of your page, these dedicated blocks will highlight your most important online accounts in a bolder way.

To add a box, click it, then choose the type of block you’d like it to be, choose the content it will hold (by selecting from, say, your sessions, or pasting or uploading an image or URL, etc.), decide what shape you’d like it to be, then drag it to where you want it on your profile.


There’s a lot you can add, so it’s important to prioritize. First stop: The Masthead at the top of your profile. It’s the one section that can’t be moved around. Once you’re in editing mode, hover over the masthead and hit Edit Details to get in there and tweak. Then:

  • Get that profile pic in there. If you don’t have an avatar that you use on all your other social media accounts, you need one. Go to your favorite graphic artist or AI, and get that done.

  • Work on that description. People who want to know who you are will read that, so keep it tight and lead with the most important information. A friendly greeting, a quick recap of your accomplishments, and a bit about you as a creator or coach. You can go into more detail later on, but those first couple hundred characters should be extremely informative.

  • Bannertime. People are visual and will really connect with your banner image. You can image search up some game wallpaper, or have an AI create something new and great.

  • Socials. This interface is where you can put all your important social media accounts, so you’ll have a row of linked icons under your banner. Very important for people who need to reach you.

The next thing, which is also very important, is to add boxes showcasing your Sessions. You need to add them manually. If you don’t add them to your profile, they won’t get seen. If they don’t get seen, they won’t get booked.

You’ll also want to add a profile box showing off your Group. Groups without members are just individuals.

Put your relevant Achievements on your profile page. Tournament wins, coaching milestones, gaming feats — get those out in front of gamers and potential students as high on your page as you can manage.

Other Neat Stuff

The great thing about Metafy Profile building is that you can really use your imagination (or a graphic designer’s imagination, if you’re just not good at this kind of stuff) to create an incredible page. Add photos. Link to your game standings site. Include some gameplay videos (yes, they’ll be playable).

Quote boxes aren’t just for sayings you like. You can use them for headlines, calls to action, quick shoutouts — really anything brief you want your page visitors to read. You can then change the text size, block shape, and color to match your other elements. Or your mood.

Give some thought to how you’d like to organize your page, and then create some dividers to help visitors navigate among, say, types of lessons. Or blogs vs. videos. Or photos of your favorite hats. It’s up to you. You can use the image boxes to incorporate whatever visual elements bring you joy.


Our Metafy Pros are geniuses, that goes without saying. But some of their profiles are particularly brilliant. Have a look at these, to see the incredible pages they’ve built.

Now get out there and make them look like amateurs.

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