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Metafy Site Fees, Explained
Metafy Site Fees, Explained

Metafy's platform and processing fees, by the numbers

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Student Fees

When you book coaching at Metafy, there are additional fees added at checkout to help cover operating expenses. In broad strokes they result in about an 8 percent increase, but they break down as follows:

There are two fees, Platform Fees and Processing Fees.

They are always rounded UP.

The Platform Fee = 5 percent of your subtotal, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

The Processing Fee = (2.9 percent of your subtotal) + 30 cents, rounded up to the nearest dollar.

Example: $25 Payment

Platform Fee:

$25 * 0.05 = $1.25

Rounded up to $2.00

Processing Fee:

$25 * 0.029 = $0.75

$0.75 + $0.30 = $1.05

Rounded up to $2.00


A Word about Rounding Up

Because of the rounding, you will be paying the same fees for a purchase ranging from $21 to $40. So, for example, the Platform Fees will break down as follows:

  • $1 to $20 = $1

  • $21 to $40 = $2

  • $41 to $60 = $3

  • and so on

Expert Fees

Metafy charges its Experts a small fee to be a part of the platform. It’s levied from the Experts, not the Players.


Site fees also apply to tips. At the time of purchase, you can decide whether you'd like to cover the site fees, which will result in a higher cost to you, or deduct those fees from what your Expert will receive.

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