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The Metafy Leveling System
The Metafy Leveling System

What's your game, Metafy?

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Just noticed that you’ve got a Metafy level? Here’s the lowdown on our leveling system:

  1. When You Metafy, You Level Up.

    • Start at zero, and become a legend before you know it. The more you engage with our platform, the higher you climb.

  2. XP Galore - Earn It Everywhere.

    • Your level will increase as you earn XP, and you rake in XP by performing actions on Metafy like completing sessions, engaging with the community, and creating and consuming content. No fetch quests here.

  3. Hit those Milestones and Flex, Flex, Flex.

    • Levels are still beta, but you can bet we’ll be adding badges and bling to showcase your achievements. What’s the point of achieving Metafy greatness, if you can’t rub it in other users’ faces?

  4. Keep an Eye on How You’re Doing.

    • You can check your Metafy levels and XP at a glance by looking at your onsite avatar. To dive deeper, click your avatar and check out your progress bar, which tracks your level, Experience Points, and the XP you need to level up.

  5. Keep Track of Your Competition.

    • You can check other users’ levels by hovering over their avatar on the feed. It’s right under their username.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into Metafy, unleash your awesome, and conquer the levels like a true digital pioneer. It’s time to collect that cred.

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