If you’re the winner in a Metafy giveaway or other promotion, odds are you’ve got a Promo Code to redeem. You use it at the Payment step of booking an expert on Metafy. If you’re a contest winner, we probably asked you to choose an expert before awarding your code, so the value of the code will correctly cover your booking.

  1. You’ll need to have a Metafy account.

  2. Start the booking by going to your expert’s Metafy profile. If you’re unsure of how to find it, choose your game by browsing the game list on Metafy. Clicking a game will bring up a list of coaches with links to their pages.

    1. If you're Booking a Replay Review, you can also use the Media Vault as a starting point for booking.

  3. Click Book a Lesson.

  4. Choose your game and time block, and then Book 1 Session.

  5. Pick your date and time, answer your expert’s questions, and click Continue.

  6. On the Payment menu, enter your Promo Code in the Discount Code field and hit Apply. Be sure to complete this step before submitting your payment information.

  7. Click Continue to confirm your booking.

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