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Sessions: Promo Codes

How to offer promo codes and Twitch subscriber discounts.

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Use the Promo Codes section of your profile settings to generate promo codes to offer special pricing on your lessons. Promo codes offer a lot of flexibility. They can be in the form of percentages or a dollar amount (in US dollars), can be single-use or multiple-use codes, and can have a limited usage timeframe or be unlimited. Once your promo codes are created, you can revisit and edit or deactivate (or even delete) them at any time through the Settings interface. You can also find out how many times the code has been used.

📢 Note: The discounts that you create using the promo code tool will affect your earnings.

For a student to use a promo code, they need to have a Metafy account, then go to your Metafy page. (It’ll be at From there, they’ll pick a lesson and book it. That involves choosing a date and time, answering your screening questions, and continuing to the payment phase. The promo code is entered at that point.

Promo Code Settings

Naming: This is the code itself. Your Display Name (the short tag that personalizes your Metafy URL, which you set in the About section of Settings) will automatically be incorporated into the promo codes you create. Also, promo codes are all uppercase, regardless of the case you use when typing them in. So if you enter the text string March-20% and your Display Name is Josh, the code will be JOSH-MARCH-20%. It’s a good idea to keep both your Display Name and your Promo Codes short, just in case your student is typing the code in manually. It’s also useful to pick names that correspond to the reason for your giveaway, so you’ll have a better idea of your strategy when you revisit the interface in the future. And there’s also value in giving people promo codes that have their own names in them, so they know you’ve tailored them personally.

Discount Type and Value: Here you have the option to give a percentage off or a flat dollar amount, and then set the exact value. So if you want to give out a 20 percent discount, you’d select Percentage and then 20%. We strongly advise against creating a code that awards 100% discount, unless you set Usage Limits to prevent users from, say, booking an expensive Training Plan for free.

📢 Note: Promo code balances do not carry over. So if a student applies a $100 promo code to a $20 lesson, there won’t be any remaining balance. It’ll just be used up.

Usage Limits: The safest practice is to limit uses to one per code, and to generate a new code for each winner. There may be situations, though, when you want to generate a promo code ahead of time to incorporate into your Twitch stream, or blast out on Twitter, that allows the first few users to get a discount on your bookings. Clicking Limit no. of times this promo code can be applied will expand a menu where you can fine-tune how many times you are willing to give out that discount. You can limit the total number of redemptions, the number of times each student can use the code, and how many lessons per purchase the code will apply to.

Allowed Lesson Types: Here you can check whether you want to allow users to use your promo code on Training Plans, Live Sessions, or Replay Reviews. Or some combination of the three. If you’re giving away a percent-based discount, the value of your promo code can vary widely based on your preferences here.

Promotional Period: Here’s where you can pick the start and end dates for when your promo code is valid. This is an easy way to set a limited-time discount with unlimited uses. For example, if you want to give all of your followers a five-percent discount during the month of July, this setting allows you to do so. It’s almost always a good idea to set an expiration date to your promo codes, just so you don’t get hit with a surprise discount in the distant future. If you’d like your discount to be fairly open-ended, consider setting the expiration date to the end of the calendar year. If you want to motivate students to book your time soon, set a short promotional period. Your winners won’t have to take their lessons during the promotional period—just submit the booking request and complete the payment step.

Uses for Promo Codes

Obviously the sky’s the limit when offering discounts, but our Pros especially like using codes for:

  • Social media giveaways

  • Introducing new sessions and plans

  • Rewarding returning students

  • Providing a free lesson to a student whose lesson was missed (oops!)

📢 Please note that any discounts you offer will be applied to your take-home from your lessons.

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