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The Metafy Supporter Program

How to help your favorite Metafy Partner

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What is a Supporter?

A Metafy Supporter is a type of Member whose fees directly benefit a specific Partner. Like regular Members, Supporters have access to Metafy’s high-quality content, either in a specific game or to our entire catalog. They also get a monthly $10 credit, usable on purchases from Experts.* The difference is, a third of their Membership fee goes directly to the Partner of their choosing. Because of those monthly payments, Supporters are an excellent way for Experts and Content Creators to monetize their audience and build a sustainable income stream.

*Please note that the $10 credit does not roll over.

How does the Supporter Program work?

  1. Each Metafy Partner receives a unique referral link just for being on Metafy.

  2. Any non-member who clicks that link and then becomes a Member will become that Partner’s Supporter. Current Members can also become Supporters of specific Partners through their Member settings.

  3. Once a month, Metafy calculates the subscription revenue generated by that Supporter and pays the Partner a third of that revenue.

  4. The Partner continues to receive a monthly payment for as long as the user maintains their Metafy Membership and remains their Supporter.

  5. Although a Supporter cannot be affiliated with multiple Partners, they can transfer their support to a different Partner at any time.

What’s the benefit of being a Supporter?

Supporters are listed on their affiliated Partner’s profile, but other than that, their reward is the warm feeling from supporting a talented Content Creator or Expert. It’s up to individual Partners to decide whether they’d like to acknowledge their Supporters in any additional ways. And of course, Supporters also rake in the benefits of Metafy Members.

💡 Please note that any member who follows a Content Creator will get notifications of their activity, regardless of Membership status.

How do Partners get paid?

Supporter payments go directly to the Partner after a Player’s Membership fee is collected each month. They also receive additional funds – Experts receive payment from Player purchases, and Content Creators collect royalties. Partners can withdraw their earnings at any time. Check out this article for more information on how Payouts work.

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