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The Metafy Member Discount

How does that twenty bucks work?

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How it Works

As a benefit of their membership, all Metafy Members receive a monthly $20 credit toward sessions with Experts. This credit is added to each member's Metafy wallet once a month, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience without any unexpected surprises.


Does that $20 get taken out of Partners’ pockets?

Nope, the credit is on us.

How do I use my monthly credit?

You can access your $20 at checkout, after all other adjustments, such as Twitch discounts, promo codes, bulk discounts, and processing fees, have been applied and the final total has been calculated. It's used the same as any other wallet credit on Metafy.

Can I save up my credits and spend them all at once?

No, your Membership benefit disappears after a month, and won't accumulate over time. It's a use it or lose it situation.

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