Dealing with a video that won’t load can be incredibly frustrating. Here are a few things to try:

  1. Check your browser. Having a supported browser is the best way to access GamerzClass. We support Google Chrome 36+, Firefox 29+, Safari 6.1+, and Internet Explorer 11+.

  2. Check your internet connection. A weak connection (0–5 mbit) may cause slow load time or long buffering time. Check your internet speed here.

  3. Clear your browser cache. Just clearing out some data and cookies may fix your issue.

  4. Restart your browser and log out of your GamerzClass account, then log back in.

  5. Try using a VPN. Any free VPN will work, whether it is as an extension or application.

📣 Note: All of our videos are hosted on Vimeo, which is banned in certain countries, most notably China. At this time we don’t offer a workaround for that.

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