Getting Started with a GamerzClass Membership

GamerzClass is a paid membership and offers a free three-day trial period. At the time of signup you will be required to enter credit card or PayPal information, but you will not be charged until the conclusion of the trial.

During the free trial period you have full access to the platform within your chosen game and are also able to explore all the features. You can also switch games and explore an entirely different content library, at any time.

Once the trial period ends, you will be charged $9.99/month or $89/year for your GamerzClass membership. Your membership can be canceled at any time and you will NOT be charged during the three-day free trial.

Changing or Removing a Credit Card

Changing Your Credit Card

If your payment is declined and you want to change your credit card, please reach out to Customer Support at to get a personalized link to change it.

Removing Your Credit Card

Due to technical limitations, we cannot remove your credit card from your account.

GamerzClass uses third-party payment services to process purchases, and those sites are the ones with access to your credit card information. We only gain permission to charge you through their service.

Because of that, we do not store or obtain any of your credit card information, and thus we cannot delete it from anywhere. If you want your credit card information removed from those services, you will need to contact Stripe or PayPal.

This limitation does not affect your ability to cancel your membership, of course. To do so, visit your profile settings.

Requesting a Refund

GamerzClass does not offer refunds, unless there is a problem we are directly responsible for. Please keep this in mind, when you sign up for the free trial. You are responsible for canceling your membership within that three-day timeframe, to avoid charges should you decide not to move forward with GamerzClass membership.

If you need a refund because of an error on our part, please reach out to our customer support at or submit a request through Metafy site help.

If your membership has been purchased through the mobile app, you will need to ask for refund through either Apple Store or Google Play.

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