Why Join Our Discord?

One of the perks of your GamerzClass Membership is that you have the ability to join our Discord server. Once you’re there, you can:

  • Start and join game-related conversations

  • Ask questions, get feedback, request replay reviews, and help others

  • Get answers from certified coaches

  • Participate in community events such as competitions, challenges, and giveaways

You can also give us suggestions and general feedback on your GamerzClass experience.

Be Sure to Authenticate!

Authenticating your Discord profile is an important step in unlocking the full value of GamerzClass Discord. As an authorized Discord member, you will gain access to our exclusive channels for members where community events, challenges, and more are happening!

To verify as a GamerzClass member:

  • Log in to our website, gamerzclass.com.

  • Go to Profile in the top right corner and select Settings.

  • Click on Join Discord in the left side bar.

  • At the bottom of the page, you can click to Authorize your Discord account on the GamerzClass server.

Once that’s done, you will receive the member role (see the picture below).

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