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Why Do I Need Social Media Followers?
Why Do I Need Social Media Followers?

Understanding Metafy's Social Media Requirements

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The number one question we get from applicants working on their expert application to join Metafy is about our social media follower requirement. Specifically, they want to know why we require that our experts provide a social media follower count to submit their application.

Here's the answer, courtesy of our outreach experts.

  • Metafy doesn’t do much marketing — if any — to grow your business. So ultimately you will be in the position of marketing yourself and making sure your coaching business grows. Far and away the best avenue for doing so is social media.

  • Your social media following tells us that you are established, committed, and prominent in your game. The ability to attract followers is a strong indicator of how serious you are about your game.

  • In our experience, experts with a solid social media following stand the best chance for success. We receive a lot of applications, and know enough by now that the social media requirement weeds out a lot of applicants who are not yet ready to be Metafy experts.

  • Your success is our top priority. Joining our platform but being unable to run a successful coaching business is not the kind of experience we want to offer our experts.

We appreciate your interest, and will be here when you're ready!

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