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How to add endorsements to your Expert Application.

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One of the cornerstones of your Metafy Expert Application will be the people who vouch for you. Think of it as similar to giving us references, in a job interview.

How the Metafy Vouch System Works:

Once you’ve filled out the application and submitted it for approval, you will have a profile link that incorporates your Display Name. So if the display name you enter is pikachu, your Interim Expert Profile link will be That link is the one that people will use to vouch for you.

When users view that page, they’ll see an interface encouraging them to vouch for you. When they click it, they’ll be able to leave you a written recommendation. They’ll also be able to view comments left by others. The only requirement we have is that the people who vouch for applicants have a Metafy account.

If they’re wondering what to say, you can encourage them to discuss ways you’ve helped them to improve, tournament wins, or other expertise they’ve personally witnessed. Although all vouches are considered equal, the vouch interface will indicate whether the person vouching is a student or a Metafy Expert, on your profile.

How Many Vouches Do You Need?

We don’t have a hard-and-fast number, but if your vouch count is under 20, you should keep sharing your link. A strong application will have at least that many.

Some applicants express frustration with our social media follower requirements, and with the vouch process. But there’s a good reason for these rules. Metafy doesn’t do much marketing — if any — to grow your business. As a result, we look for experts who are able to hustle to make their business a success, and the ability to attract followers and those who are willing to vouch is a strong indicator. The last thing we want to see is experts joining the platform but being unable to succeed.

📣 Looking for the Metafy Expert Application? It’s HERE.

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