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What We’re Looking for in Experts
What We’re Looking for in Experts
A little more insight into our application vetting process.
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We frequently hear from potential Experts who want to know why their application wasn’t accepted. Here’s a breakdown of some things you can do to increase the likelihood of being selected when you apply to coach at Metafy:

  1. Start Coaching — If you’re already coaching elsewhere, show us! Links to Discords, screenshots, etc.; anything to say you’re already on track is the first thing we look for.

  2. Go Get Those Achievements — We love to see verifiable tournament and league victories, proven coaching success examples, or applicable professional experience. We expect experts on our platform to be world class at one or more aspects of their game.

  3. Build Your Reach — Already having an engaged audience on Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, or other social channels makes getting started a lot easier. We’re continuing to grow our own audience of new students, but our most successful experts also bring some of their own students.

  4. Bring Proof — We’re working with a snapshot of the information in front of us, so anything you can do to provide links, screenshots, and proof of past competitive or coaching success helps.

As Metafy continues to evolve, these guidelines may shift. We’ll always work to communicate the expectations of our platform as we also listen to your feedback and use it to improve our application process.

By the Way — (Most of) The Metafy staff is human. Sometimes we’re wrong! If you think we made a mistake rejecting an application, let us know via our response email and we’ll take it under consideration.

Looking for the Application? It’s HERE.

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