Once you've completed a lesson or Replay Review with your expert, you might be wondering what the View Summary notification in your Dashboard is about. That’s from your expert, and you should absolutely click it.

Session Summaries contain feedback, recaps, and an interactive task list custom-designed to help you stay focused on getting better, faster. Your expert will let you know:

  • What you nailed, this lesson, and ways you improved.

  • What you should spend time practicing on your own.

  • What your expert would like to work on with you, next time.

  • A checklist of tasks — and some might even be for the expert — to complete.

You'll also notice a Tip button on your Session Summary page, and an interface for booking your next lesson.

The Session Summary gives you a structured takeaway from your lesson and a clear pathway to improvement. It’s saved on your Dashboard, so over time you’ll have a full history of Session Summaries from all your lessons.

For more on tipping, see this article.

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