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How to search, and, more important, find.

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Metafy site search is activated either via the CTRL key + K (Command + K on Mac) or by clicking the magnifying glass icon. Once Search launches, type a few words (or even a few letters) to get to what you need. Whether looking for an expert’s name, a game, a champion, a role, or some other area of focus, search will get you to it. The Escape key will dismiss Search.

Once you start typing in the search bar, you will see your results narrowed into categories. Those categories can be expanded, and from there will be sorted into tabs so you can filter your results by game or by coach, and on the right there are tabs to help you sort your results by availability, price range, or service type. (The service types are Live Session, Replay Review, and Training Plan.)

One of the features of Metafy is that the site remembers which games you play, so once you've searched for a specific game, that game will populate your left-hand rail for easy-access going forward. It will also appear as a default category in your future searches. You can dismiss it from your search bar by clicking the X.

If you'd like to remove a game from your defaults and navigation, click "Manage Games" in your left-hand rail.

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