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Waiting to Hear About Your Application?
Waiting to Hear About Your Application?

You've filled out your Metafy application. Now what?

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Once you submit an application to become a Metafy expert, it needs to be processed by the Success Team. Because it’s being reviewed by human beings, the process might take a little time — particularly when there are a lot of applicants. Remember, Metafy experts are the best of the best, and it takes time to narrow the field to top-tier players and coaches.

If we decide to consider adding you to Metafy, we will contact you and begin the vetting process, which definitely does not involve fire ants. But even if your application is declined, we won’t leave you hanging. You will hear from us, either way.

In general, you can expect to receive an email within 3–4 weeks.

To make your application easier to process:

  • Make sure you fill it out completely, and go into some detail about your achievements. The clearer you are about your qualifications, the faster we can make a determination.

  • Double-check your contact information and social accounts, so they’re entered accurately.

If you need to make a revision or addition to your profile, you can edit it through your Settings and the Manage section of your Metafy.

If you have additional questions and concerns, you can check in with us on our Discord.

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