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How to gain followers and new students on YouTube.

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Maintaining a channel on YouTube will absolutely establish you as a resource for gamers.

Tips for Building Your Brand and Attracting Students

  • Find your Lane.
    You should decide what your brand is before you launch into the work of video production.

    • Will you review your game? Post walkthroughs for quest chains and in-game challenges? Play in the most hilarious way possible? Find bugs?

    • If you’re already active on Twitch, your clips should give you plenty of material for your YouTube channel.

  • Always Link Your Metafy in Your Description.
    Make it a habit to add your Metafy URL ( to the description field of every video. It should also be in your bio. HTML isn’t enabled, but YouTube converts links in descriptions automatically, so they’re active.

  • Plug Your Metafy in Your Videos.
    Add a brief intro or endcard (or both!) to your videos where you mention your Metafy and send viewers to the Metafy link in your description.

    • Consider using motivating language like, “I’m currently accepting new students,” or “I have a few openings.”

    • Your goal is to remind viewers that: 1. you’re in demand, and 2. they should commit to ongoing lessons.

  • Be Easy to Find.
    Make sure to choose keywords that will drive viewers, and keep your video titles brief and specific. With your description, find that balance between hitting your keywords and incorporating helpful information and links.

  • Keep Viewers Watching.
    Don’t just post one-offs, offer a series of videos on a related theme. You can also build playlists, not just of your own videos but of other videos that fit in with your work. Sharing videos from other influencers or partners establishes you as authoritative and connected, and may encourage those users to mix your videos into their playlists.

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